Staying strong with these new habits

Creating healthy habits is key to long term weight loss success. The only way to initiate a new habit is to begin doing what ever it is you’re trying to create – and do it over and over, especially when you don’t want to.

When we are first starting out on a new diet and exercise program (ehm, I mean life style change), it’s easy to feel gung-ho for the first few days or even for the first week or so. But then old habits begin to creep back in, and the couch starts calling your name. The ice cream that is tucked away in the corner of the freezer starts sending you sugar filled brainwaves and you start to go mad trying to ignore them. THAT my friends is the moment. The moment that you must decide if your going to continue on your path and create new healthy habits (and begin to say goodbye to those sugar cravings) or if your going to go back to your couch sitting, face stuffing ways.

The truth is, it’s always easier to fall back into your old ways. When you’re in that mindset and your just feeling “blah”, stepping away from the couch and fridge is the last thing you want to do. But that’s exactly what you must do. Stop what you’re doing at that very moment and do the exact opposite. Go workout, walk, run, skip or hop, it doesn’t matter. Move! Drink a glass of water and get out of the kitchen. Do that over and over, day after day until your blah days are replaced by awesome days. It will get easier to get on that treadmill, trust me. It will get easier to choose a salad instead of that burger and fries.

Sometimes you may actually be hungry, so eat! Some days you may not be hungry but just want to eat. If you can’t fight the need to eat when you’re not hungry then so be it! Eat! Just change what you’re eating. Eat something with a healthy fat and protein. Make a substitution if you’re really craving something in particular. But if you eat a little and it’s not working then it’s probably just your old binge eating ways knocking on the door, don’t let it in! Just go to bed, or or clean, do anything… Just don’t give into it, because the moment will pass, but trying to get back on track and the disappointment and guilt you feel because you caved is not worth that moment of pleasure.

Stay strong. 😊


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