Coming to terms with wasted time and cravings

So apparently it was 4 years ago when I had really started to regain my weight. I realized this today because my drivers license expired. When I got my last license I was mortified about how much weight I had gained and planned to go back to the MVD ASAP to get a new one with a new, thinner picture.

Well, 4 years and about 80 lbs later I made the same promise to myself while leaving the MVD with my temporary license in hand. This time I fully intend to keep that promise to myself. Needless to say, I’m super disappointed in myself for allowing so much time to pass without getting to where I want to be. Talk about wasted time! 😥
On a side note, I did notice that the girl put my weight on my new license at 200, which is about 90 lbs less than I actually weigh. Thank God we don’t have to actually weigh-in to get ID’s… Lol

Today was particularly hard eating wise. We have been eating out too much lately and my cravings were nagging at me in the back if my thoughts all day. I managed to stay strong but it wasn’t as easy today. I also hoped to exercise but after 6+ hours at the baseball fields I was tired and moody… Which are just excuses but the excuses won today.
Hoping cravings are down tomorrow and also hoping to exercise… Even with another long day of baseball ahead of us.

Just gotta make it happen!

The mountains earlier today… ❤️NM



One thought on “Coming to terms with wasted time and cravings

  1. Beautiful shot!! Love those mountains! You can do it! Whether you slip up or not it’s the long run that counts! Just keep to the healthy habits and in the four years you won’t believe how far you have come! I have been thinking about you all week ❤


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