Hang On Tight To Your Wagon, It Hurts To Fall Off…


I’ve been hiding away from my blog in shame, disappointed in myself for falling off the wagon… Again.

I was actually doing great until I let my cravings get the best of me a few days ago. The problem is, that though I do feel better on low carb, I struggle with sticking to it because our family holds so much pleasure in eating. I like going out without stressing about what I can eat, I like the freedom of having tacos and (light) beer if I want it.

It is pretty amazing though, while I was on track a lot of my aches and pains went away. After only two higher carb meals the tendon on my foot and ankle were killing me and the following day that old bloated feeling was back. On the positives side, I was able to finally poo (cause low-carb = constipation! at least in the beginning. TMI I know… lol), but also the stress of eating went away. The stress of being restrictive and coming up with healthy meals. The freedoms of being able to eat what I (we) want without it being a huge ordeal is important to me.

But now here I am – again. Back to square one. I do not want to live fat, unhealthy, in pain, depressed, embarrassed and ashamed for another second, but that’s the only option I’m giving myself.

So needless to say I’m struggling as usual, asking the universe the question I’ve sent out to the cosmic Gods a million times: “What is the answer?!?!?”

Obviously it depends on who you ask. Everyone has an opinion on the matter. I just want a livable, sustainable healthy lifestyle that makes me skinny – which allows me to eat what I want without having to breakdown the ingredients to come up with the ratios (because that stresses me out). Is that too much to ask? 😊

Cosmic Gods, help a girl out a little, won’t ya?



4 thoughts on “Hang On Tight To Your Wagon, It Hurts To Fall Off…

  1. I hear you! Eating and dining together is such a social thing and family thing. It is so hard to go against the norm! I am struggling with very similar issues. Even if you go with the surgery there will be restrictions. Even before the surgery there is weight to lose so no matter what there will be some cutting back. You can totally do it and I am sure you can do it without surgery as a looming thought!! Don’t be ashamed. It is hard! If it wasn’t everyone would be skinny and eating anything they wanted! Maybe for now a more doable goal is eating low carb during the week and splurge for the weekends or maybe just dinner on the weekends and balance it with a walk. I know it won’t help cravings but maybe looking forward to that weekend treat can help you stay strong during the week??? xoxox


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