Sales Motivation

Sales, oh how I loathe you. Ok, maybe I don’t hate you completely, but you are definitely a different breed.

I can’t think of a single job that I’ve ever had that doesn’t involve some kind of sales, networking, and marketing. I’m beginning to wonder if there are any jobs out there that don’t require these three key components. I also can’t think of a job that doesn’t involve customer service, even for those who don’t have direct contact with customers.

Though I have lost some of my passion and excitement for my line of work, I have always done well. I think the main reason that I have done well is because I always (or at least did for a long time lol) consider any and all interaction with people as a chance to offer outstanding customer service and support, and/or as an opportunity to grow my networking base. I saw every transaction and every relationship, be it enternal or external, as a brick in building a strong foundation for my future success.

Sadly as time has passed I have lost a lot of my fire and I sometimes wonder if I’m still sailing on my old ship, staying afloat because I had such a strong foundation. I am starting to worry how much longer my foundation will hold, I’m at a point now in my career where I need to either begin rebuilding my rocky foundation or catch the next dinghy to greener pastures.

Sales are a funny thing. Selling is actually pretty easy, if you’re not afraid to try. There are many tricks to the trade, and I am in no way a pro, but I do know – at least for me, that the first step in selling is TO TRY. That’s it. You have to be brave enough to ask. You have to be bold enough to “assume the sale”. You have to be willing to accept rejection and strong enough to not let the rejection get you down. It’s almost like a game. Before you sell anything you know that in order to get a “yes”, you have to get a handful (or two handfuls) of “no’s”. And that’s ok, your focus has to be solely on “yes”. A lot of people get caught up in the “no’s” and give up way too soon. They aren’t focusing on the big picture. Though it’d be nice, you don’t need a million “yes’s” to be successful. In fact, you need to look at the “no’s” as opportunity: every “no” is simply practice, and we all know that practice makes perfect. Every “no” is a seed – though that person may not need what you’re offering right then and there, they may in the future. You’ve planted your seed and let the know about your product or service. Follow up with them from time to time and you’ll be surprised by how many of those “No’s” eventually turn into the golden “YES”.

These are things I will need to remember in 2015 as I venture onto greener pastures.

Ps. Is it yes’s or yeses, and no’s or noes??
Where is my 2nd grade teacher when I need her? 😉


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