Hello Motivation

Today’s topic is MOTIVATION.

What is it, where is it, how do we get it, and how do we keep it. 

Motivation is like a little angel sitting on your shoulder trying to get you to get off your ass and get things done. Motivation is not only for weight loss and exercise, it’s for everything that leads to a better life. For example, I struggle almost daily with motivation to go to work. It’s not that I hate my job, or dislike the people that I work with, it’s just that I would rather be doing my own thing. I would rather spend my life doing what makes me happy than working myself sick for somebody else. On top of that, in my line of work I need motivation to get business. I need motivation to run my desk smoothly and efficiently. I have to keep my mind in the game at all times, offering exceptional customer service and networking continuously. It’s very tiring and a very draining. But, because I want to live a life I love, I get up every morning, get dressed, get my butt to work, and work my ass off. I want it so much that I continue to go day after day, and miss days off with my kids so that they can have a better life.  And that is my work motivation.

My fitness motivation has been simmering inside me for years. I’ve always loved working out and have wanted to be fit from a very young age. Sadly, I have been the exact opposite for most of my life. It’s not that I haven’t worked out or eaten healthy throughout the years, but somehow my body just manages to hang onto weight. For as long as I can remember, I have been dreaming about running. Often throughout my life I ran. I don’t know why I love it so much, or why I even love the idea of it so much, but to become a runner has always been my ultimate goal. As I’ve gotten older, fatter, and now have some health issues the idea of ever becoming a runner seems to be impossible. But I still dream of it, I still want it, and I’m still going to strive for it. But it’s not only running that keeps me going. Any kind of fitness and movement has always motivated me. For some reason actually getting up and doing it the last few years has been really hard, but I am working towards getting back that motivation.

Losing weight is very hard, and the trick is staying motivated throughout your journey. How can we do that? Especially when the scale doesn’t move as fast as we think it should, we can barely sit on the toilet thanks to sore muscles, when there are no healthy food options the parties… The list goes on. It comes down to how much you want it. How much do you want it?? Is it worth saying no to pizza and beer and having salad instead? Or, if there are no healthy options at all, just waiting to to eat until later, even if you have to starve for a few hours? Is it worth losing an extra hour of sleep so you can workout or get home an hour or two later than usual so you can hit the gym? These are the types of decisions you have to make if you really want it. Sure you may not have to be so hard-core, but remember you’re always going to get out what you put in. Luckily, my motivation is in the hard-core stage. I am currently willing to do whatever it takes to get what I want to be.  Even if that means being super picky with my food and being the awkward girl at the party.


I really want to know: What Is your motivation?


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