Well, it’s been awhile… I’m not sure how bloggers do it – how do they blog every day and have lots of interesting things to say? Goals, I guess… 🙂

Since my last entry not much has changed, sadly. I have lost some weight (give or take 45 lbs depending on the day) but have been stalled for the last few months. About a month ago we went on vacation to Hawaii, I had toyed with the idea of going off my diet while on vacation, knowing all too well how hard it may be to get back on track. I ended up getting off track and ended up only gaining a few lbs… but, a month later, I still haven’t gotten on track and I am now about 10 lbs heavier – and let me tell you, I can tell! I feel bloated and swollen. Nothing is fitting right and I feel like the fat, dowdy girl I was before. I DO NOT WANT TO FEEL THIS WAY ANY MORE. Seriously, life is too short to live so miserably.

I want to lose weight so badly, and not just so I’ll be smaller. It’s the confidence, the energy, the feeling of strength. I like the way I feel and who I become when I’m living a healthy lifestyle. Doing what I’ve been doing to get fat is comfortable and very inside my comfort zone. There is no pain, no stress, no worry when sitting on the couch watching TV and stuffing my face. It’s the easy choice. But its the choice that leads to a fat, unhealthy, unmotivated, self-conscious, mediocre existence. That’s not a life I choose.

I still have a long way to go to get to “goal”, I don’t want to put this off until after the holidays. As much as I love food and love having the freedom of eating what I want, when I want, it’s not worth it! It’s silly to let a certain food – regardless of how good it is – to derail me. How stupid! Seriously, what am I doing to myself? I have one life and one body, why am I wasting it away?

I really got on track with my eating mid March, I probably would have lost more and had less of a stall if I exercised, I honestly didn’t really exercise at all. I thought about it, but never got my lazy butt up. How lame. It’s lame because though I was eating great, I didn’t build a strong foundation to support my healthy eating. If I were in the habit of exercising now, maybe the side effects of my poor eating over the last month wouldn’t be so bad and maybe it would have been easier to get back on track. Not that any of this matters, its neither here nor there, it’s what I do now that matters.

the new year is right around the corner, there is no reason to wait for a month to set new year resolutions. I want to start now, and really, I gain an extra month starting now. 😉

Knowing that I will only get out what I put in, I can either push myself hard and get one result, or take it a little slower and easier and get another result. I want the results from option one, but I know that life always gets in the way, not to mention laziness, so I’m going to pick something in-between.


Weight Goal: 175. Exercise: 30-60 minutes 5-6 days a week. Build muscle. Run at least 3.5 miles continuously. Limit sugar and simple carbs.

While I’m at it, my work goals are to triple my business in 2016.

So, the only way to really accomplish this is TO DO IT!! I need to make exercise a part of my life. I need to quit eating junk food and pigging out on so many treats. I want to focus on fresh, whole foods, lots of veggies, fresh fruits, and lean meats. I want to eliminate, or at least limit, wheat, most breads, pasta, etc. If I lost weight and felt good while eating those foods I wouldn’t mind having them in my diet, but I honestly feel like crap when I eat them, I suffer from joint pain, bloating, swelling, headaches, and tummy issues (thunder down under haha).

For work, I need to step outside of my comfort zone and put myself out there. The more I do it, and the more confidence I build, the easier it will become. I’ve already been working on this but need to really ramp up the marketing and networking and make it happen. No excuses!!

So – tomorrow is restart, day 1.

I may not eat perfect, and I WILL NOT beat myself up over it… but I will try to focus on healthy veggies, lean protein, and lots of water, followed by at least 30 minutes of exercise.

That’s it! Easy, right? …



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