Weight Loss

I noticed two things on my blog this evening…

  1. My blog is snowing. And I like it… thanks, WordPress. If it snows in winter, can’t we have rain drizzling in spring and leaves falling in fall? Just saying…
  2. I have a weight tracker count down on my page that I completely forgot was there, and it’s telling me I have 30 days to go until reach my goal of losing 125 lbs by January 1, 2016… Guess I blew that lol…

So what if I only lost 45 lbs and gained 10 back… and still have 95 lbs to go… The only difference is that I WILL make my goal by the end of next year. Though I didn’t reach my goal this year, I do know that losing 125 lbs in one year is totally doable. I just have to do it. There are a few things I did and didn’t do which contributed to my success and failure:

  • The bad – I didn’t start until mid-March, so I lost a few months there.
  • The good – Once I started I stuck to it almost perfectly for 7 months.
  • The bad – I didn’t drink nearly enough water.
  • The bad – I didn’t really exercise at all – the few times I attempted I to workout were short lived and I I didn’t stick to it.
  • The bad – I got off track.

There was really no reason for getting off track other than me wanting to stuff my face. Now here I am a month later struggling to get back on track, feeling full, bloated, and just gross. So not worth it! And such bad timing too, I’m feeling gross right before the holidays, which includes a handful of work parties and networking events, followed by family parties. No fun! If I get back on track tomorrow I will be feeling a bit better within a few days, and for sure within a week… I will be bloated for one networking event and a work Christmas party this weekend, but I may be feeling a tad bit better for hubby’s work Christmas party the following weekend… and I should definitely be feeling better for another work Christmas party and two work events the week after… If I do it now!!

Another problem is I have to get my picture taken for work… of course this comes up now that I’ve gained weight and look puffier than I did a month ago. Sigh!!

This is all part of my WHY. I want to be ready at any given moment for anything – a vacation, a party, a company photo. “Normal” people don’t have to drop weight for every single event, do they? Maybe a little but this is ridiculous. This isn’t the life I want… Yet as I say that, I am reminded that regardless of how much I complain and plan – I don’t really do anything about it. My record is scratched, it just keeps replaying the same line over and over…

I don’t want to be a broken record. I want to make things happen. The awesome motivational speaker Les Brown says that he believes that nobody is given a dream that wasn’t given to them, if you can dream it, you can do it. I believe this to be true… but no dream will become reality if you don’t make it happen!!

I know I got this… I just have to stop being lazy and quit letting food dictate my life. I got this…




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