Back On Track

Day one was a success! (Food wise)… By the end of the day I felt a little less bloated, but woke up this morning feeling just as fat, bloated, and puffy as before. I know it’ll get better, I just have to keep going. Today I have lunch plans at Chipotle with a friend, not the best choice for debloating, but I can make the best of it. I’ll have to be sure to only eat half, maybe the kiddo can make a small burrito with the left overs. 
What I REALLY need to do is ECERCISE!!! Why is it so stinking hard to make myself do it? Maybe I’m just approaching it wrong… I need to change my mindset so that it doesn’t seem like a daunting chore, but instead sometching fun and enjoyable. Maybe I won’t find that (yet) on a treadmill, maybe I need to find a fun alternative. And maybe an accountability partner or something… The problem with relying on an accountability partner is that none of my partners in the past have stuck to it either. So I haven’t gotten much from that. I think my 14 year old would actually be good because he works out nearly everyday and is fired up to do it, and he is really good about getting on my case, regardless of how mean or lazy I’m feeling lol. Another option – a trainer, I can pay someone to keep me accountable…. Which seems so silly to me, I just need to get my lazy butt up and do it! 
I woke up feeling blah, my clothes aren’t fitting right, and I have anxiety over this weeks marketing adventures at work. I’m not at the top of my game, and I hate feeling this way. I’m hoping by next December things will be much better for me. I want to be MUCH thinner and healthier, with way more confidence and able to wear cute professional clothes instead of my frumpy frocks I feel I’m wearing now…. Dare I say I will be at GOAL? Who knows, But I do know that it’s totally possible, even without a thyroid. Business wise I hope to really be KILLING it. I’m not sure if I can be top producer in a year, but that’s my goal. I’m a hopeless romantic overachiever, in pretty much everything I do (expectation wise), it is the bane of my existence.
Time to get ready for this mornings marketing excursions…. My nerves and uneasiness are super high this morning. Be still, my heart… You got this… đź’Ş


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