Off the Sadle

Well shoot! I’m off track again! lol…

Hubby made a good point this afternoon during lunch (Pei Wei), I was telling him that I hoped he liked it so we could go back… then I paused and said, actually, I hope you don’t like it, because if we come back then that means that I’m still off track… Then he said, when will you get that you don’t have to deny yourself foods to be on track… And I knew he was right. Its always all or nothing with me. Not a little, not a bit, not a nibble, not a lick… because any one of those will lead to a full blown binge that will last from days to months… And I know that is not normal. Knowing that makes me wonder if something is seriously wrong with me…

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if I would just eat a little, or have normal portions. I remember when I was in high school I would go to Sadie’s with a friend and her parents. Her mom was one of those naturally thin, petite, cute ladies that looked 10 years younger than she was. She’d have a margarita and one taco… ONE. I remember thinking, who eats one taco? She did.. every single time. And she was completely fine and content with it. The other night we got tacos from Garcia’s and I think I had five… That’s right, I said five!! LOL. It wasn’t one of my shinning moments, but honestly, who has one taco? Is that the secret to being thin? Ignoring your WANT for five tacos and tell yourself you are content with ONE. I don’t know… How do I convince myself that I am completely fine and content with one?

I’m a broken record again, because I’m about to say I need to exercise and how much I want to exercise. I want to be a runner, but I have a chronic ankle problem that REALLY flares up when I’m eating gluten, strangely enough. It has gotten really bad the last few weeks… I need to go back to gluten free – and low carb, because really I feel so much better and can move so much better, which ultimately will help me exercise!! If I would just quit being so darn lazy.

Well, I guess that’s it for tonight. I just wanted to say that I suck and fell off the wagon again… This is how it happened: I was at a networking party for work at the country club, I had a few too many drinks… then afterwards we went to a bar for one last drink… and then we ordered dinner, I thought I was being good ordering the Cajun rubbed ribs (appetizer), which was 5 ribs… when they came they were covered in BBQ sauce, and honestly, they tasted like freezer. I was starving and ate them anyway… Then on my way home, I decided f*ck it, I’m starving and got a small quesadilla from Taco Cabana… it was GOOD! I scarfed that down on my way home, and when I got home, I made myself puke. I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t want to be sick the next day, or if didn’t want those carbs inside me… Maybe a little bit of both… So anyway, the next day I was ready to get back on track, but the girls at the office wanted to get Dion’s – where I could have gotten a salad and been FINE, but instead, I got a 6″ meatball sub (kinda nasty) and a fruit cup… then for dinner, 5 tacos… That was Friday. It’s now Sunday, and I’m not doing any better. I want to get back on track and feel better, but I also want the freedom to eat and ENJOY my food.


So, there you have you have it. Am I off track by eating carbs? Or can I eat carbs and still be on track and still lose weight? Why can’t I figure this out??




4 thoughts on “Off the Sadle

  1. This is literally me! I can’t just have a bit of something, I’m all or nothing. I guarantee that if I open a bag of crisps I will not stop until that wrapper is in the bin! 😦 . To answer your question about being off track, we all go off track sometimes but you can’t beat yourself up about it. Just keep going 🙂
    Also about the carbs thing, obviously you can eat carbs but in limited amounts. Have you tried healthier alternatives e.g. sweet potato/brown rice/wholemeal bread?


    • Hey there! It’s so hard, isn’t it?!
      I have tried healthier carbs, I just don’t seem to lose as quickly…. But those aren’t the carbs that get me…. It’s the bad ones that make me crash and burn every time lol. 😩

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  2. So in coaching others and in my own weight loss, my experience has been that weight loss absolutely happens faster with zero carbs, but for the VAST majority of people, that lifestyle is fairly miserable and not sustainable. Sticking with good carbs will make your loss a little slower than no carbs, sure, but you’re less likely to crash and burn. My personal rule is no white carbs in the house (white bread, white flour, white sugar, white rice,etc.). and that’s super helpful for me. That means if I want a cookie or a cupcake, I have to go out to get it (and sometimes I do)! It does not have to be all or nothing. I used to have that mentality as well, and I found that I was setting myself up to fail. ❤


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