February Goals 

 It’s February 1st, and a Monday. What better time is there to start fresh, set new goals, and to restart?

 January was a total flop, I didn’t do anything to really get on track to reach my goals, in fact it was quite the opposite. The only positive step toward my goals was buying a hybrid bike last weekend, which I’ve used a whopping two times so far. But it’s a start. Business wise, it wasn’t great either. I’ve made a few connections and met a few potential clients, but so far nothing has come in from that, so we’ll see what pays off. 

The first step is to quit beating myself up over every little thing. Business wise, I’m actually doing ok, everyone has to start somewhere and they’ve told me it takes time to really build a solid desk. I put unreasonable goals on myself time and time again and beat myself up for it when I don’t reach them. 

Health wise, I am the queen of making excuses. Lunch with clients or a party at a friends end up being my biggest excuses for why I’m eating so badly. It’s all or nothing. Instead of eating healthy the remainder of the time, I simply use these things as an excuse to stay off track. If I have one bad meal, all bets are off.

Exercise wise, I have yet to make the decision to wake up early or peel my butt off the couch in the evening to workout. It’s hard to push myself out of my comfort zone, but it’s necessary.

This month I am aiming for:

~ An hour or more of exercise 5-6 days a week.

~ Stay on a lowcarb diet all month long. Make it work during those occasions that are (slightly) out of my control. Restaurants have salad alter all… and remember it’s ok to be picky while at someone’s house. 

~ Drink a minimum of 1 gallon of water a day.

~ Track my food.

~ Keep a gratitude journal and write in it every day. I want to start focusing on the positives in my life, instead of the negatives as I do now. 

~ Contact at least 2 prospects every single day (Monday – Friday). Aim for at least one meeting per week. 

That’s it! Nothing too crazy, all doable and attainable. 

I got this! 


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