Week 1: -5.5 lbs

Well I haven’t stuck to the goals I made last week very well. I have only exercised twice, wrote in my gratitude journal twice, and missed my gallon of water mark by a mile. I have stuck to my diet and for the most part kept up with hitting my goal at work.

I did manage to lose 5.5 lbs last week though! I have not lost anything the last two days, I think this is why: No exercise, I’ve been eating more cheese, nuts on Monday, less water, eating out, and drinking. I have pretty aggressive goals, if I don’t get on track and do this right then I’m only holding myself back. Plus, why go through the stress of eating like this if I’m not going to do what needs to be done to see results? Now with that said, I am feeling better, less bloated and my joint pain is feeling better. So it’s worth it to keep going. My main focus needs to be food, exercise, and water.

Yesterday I went to O’neils Pub for lunch with a gal from work. I found out they put breadcrumbs in their burger patties. I wonder how many restraints do this? It was definitely a reminder to be a little more cautious, and maybe just ask for the gluten free menu just to be safe! 


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